The Campfire Experience is a luxury adventuring company bringing unique experiences to free-spirits and adventurers who don't want to sacrifice comfort for connection.

We specialize in creating upscale outdoorsy experiences for brands, festivals, and weddings.

Why do we exist?


We created The Campfire Experience for those who live in the moment, for those who value experiences above possessions and for those who wander and wonder. 


That’s our aim. More than anything we want to help people connect. Connect with nature; with themselves; with other people.


It’s what we enable. We are here when you spontaneously decide to head to that music festival. We are here when you and your friends decide to “collect” National Parks. We are here when you dare to adventure.

Founder & Free Spirit, Amy Gillespie

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My family took me camping every summer as a kid. I would drift off to sleep listening to the crackling fire and the hum of conversation and laughter. Through the years, my family and I, spent our time gathering our friends and getting out to festivals or state parks and sharing our love of what we call a “campfire experience”.

Campfire experiences are the memories created when you get the chance to get away, get outside, and really get to know people. Those moments around the campfire are the moments that have given me the most peace, the most joy, and the most treasured memories. For me, that is what life is all about. It’s about being in the moment, being really present, and appreciating all that you have.

With my passion for the campfire experience I set out to create a business for people like me. In doing so, I am sharing a bit of my heart and soul in hopes that you have the chance to create your own campfire experience.

Please let us know how we can create a memorable experience for you.
— Amy