The beginning

One afternoon, when I was six-months pregnant, my husband and I left for a music festival on a whim. He took our guest bedroom mattress and stuffed it into our car. Laughing at ourselves, we threw our bags into the car and headed to a weekend of music.


It was that weekend I realized something: I love the campfire experience, but not the camping experience.

I love that moment when your campsite is set up and all of your friends have arrived. The moment where you sit around the fire, crack open a beer, and completely relax. Dusk turns to twilight and you laugh into the night looking at the glowing faces across from you and listen to the night sounds.

I do not love setting up the campsite or waking up at 6AM on a half-deflated air mattress. I could do without freezing at night and sweating in the morning and packing up a muddy tent with all my belongings that seemed to have doubled in size.

I wanted to find a way to have more of the moments I love while eliminating the things I hate about camping. So, I did my homework and found that teardrop trailers offered an ideal solution. While trying to rent one, I found that while rentals exist on the west coast, there were none available in the Midwest.

So, I set out to change that and to share the campfire experience across the truly lovely state of Ohio.

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