Amy Gillespie talks business and camping on Creative Pursuit

Darin Young, host of the Creative Pursuit podcast, sat down with our founder, Amy Gillespie, to discuss how her idea began as a side hustle but eventually led to her quitting her corporate job and venturing into the risky world of entrepreneurship.

Creative Pursuit is a podcast for anyone interested in starting their own business in the creative field. Darin believes you should enjoy the work you do and that the biggest challenge is to just get started. Whether you are in a typical 9-5 office job, doing various part-time jobs, or fresh out of school, he provides you with insights and motivation to help you get started. In each episode he talks with entrepreneurs and freelancers that made the leap and are currently following their creative passion. Listen to Amy chat with Darin about business, her love of Instagram, side-hustling, and camping.

Listen to the podcast here, on itunes, or anywhere you listen to podcasts and let us know what you think!